LA GOLD Records - a online recording company and community where every member is a session player, every member is a original artist, every member works within the community to create projects, songs and records from around the world. Online, in project studios, bedroom studios, virtual studios and cafe's around the globe. You are now in control of your music. Help others, ask for help. Build up your album credits. All here, all online, all 24/7. Bring the power of session players to your song. Be a session player on a song. Mix, master and producers available too. Have lyrics but can't sing very good. Submit the track, audition singers and pick your favorite.

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LA Top Tracks/Records/Singles

The TOP Performing Tracks with releases either performed by LA GOLD session Musicians, artist, writers, producers.

No. 1 Underworld 2 - Evolution

Underworld 2 Soundtrack

The Underworld 2 Soundtrack (Lakeshore Records) features LA GOLD member... »

No. 2 Broadway Bullies Shake my Bones

Broadway Bullies - Shake My Bones

The Broadway Bullies - Shake my Bones (Volunteer Media) is the perfect example of... »

No. 3 Michael Rushden

Michael Rushden

The highly anticipated solo record. Michael Rushden's Solo concept album features a powerful mixture of... »

No. 4 Kool Keith - Dr Doom 2

Kool Keith - Dr Doom 2

Kool Keith's Dr Doom 2 (Artwork by Michael - La Gold Member) is a instant classic... »

Live Events

by LA GOLD photo by Martin Fisch

La Gold Live Showcase Toronto!

Live LA GOLD Showcase and Exibition Toronto! This event will be for members and guests for tickets...»

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Live London UK

Live LA GOLD Showcase and Exibition London UK! This event will be for members and guests for tickets...»


LA GOLD - Showcase Toronto

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LA GOLD - Showcase London UK

Check Forum: Private Details

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LA GOLD records is a online record company that members become session artists or work with other members as session artist from their home studios remotely. Remote drummers, bassists, mixing and mastering, as well as artists submit original copyrighted songs for recording.

Sign up HERE to the forum and become a member. You must be a member of a Perfromance Rights Organization in your home country to submit tracks to the form. There will be a Unique number to identify works that are suitable for submission.

Once your track is approved, other members will record the parts for your song, mix, master and even review your song once it's complete.

"A World of Opportunities. The World is yours."