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DirtStar | New Album 2020 | Review


2020 | D.I.R.T. S.T.A.R | ALGORHYTHM

Dirt Star


Released August 3rd 2020

Chunky Hard Rock from #HamOnt
Jesse Daigle – bass/vocals
Mike Rizzo – drums/vocals

Another rocking set of tunes from Hamilton Ontario’s DirtStar. A two-piece from “The Hammer”‘s gritty downtown has enough power to knock you straight over with each song delivered as an uppercut of power and precision.

Following up to their 2018 EP “Role Models”, ALGORHYTHM is a great compliment as the band ventures in a more defined and refined sound with monster tracks like So Dam Cold and Sally Song showing the versatility and originally of this two-piece powerhouse. From dirtier than a Barton Village bar to technical and musically resent of top tier touring bands, Dirtstar has it all in an unapologetic, in your face rock and roll knock out.

List to this LOUD!

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