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October 29, 2020

News – Tool New Album soon…maybe…

Tool Band Live New Album

Tool fans have waited 10,000 days for the latest offering by the American rock band. The LA group formed in 1990, sold millions of records, three Grammy awards and enough touring hours to graduate from college…. twice.

I was a fan of Undertow after hearing it at a friends house. Great sound from a unique and fresh band, something I had not felt in months. A few weeks later after a party, my friend was having people over to finish drinks at his house. He put on a brand new record called ├ćnema. Produced by
David Bottrill
, this is one classic album that is still fresh sounding in 2019.

Having seen them live on every tour since they are excellent live. The musicianship is breathtaking and the band has been on point every time. I would highly recommend going if/when they come back around.

The new album is due August 30th 2019.

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