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September 22, 2020
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Rushden & Diamonds | 2020 | Interview (Before Covid19)

Rushden & Diamonds | Interview 2020

Listen and buy the Album Rushden & Diamonds 2020(Redux)

Interview with Rushden & Diamonds

At the start of 2020, we caught up with the talented Rushden & Diamonds on tour in Victoria in support of their amazing new album 2020 (Redux). This is right before Covid19 hit the west. Spirits where high and a full 2020 tour was on the horizon. This was January after all and COVID-19 was just starting. This was the warm-up for the tour and after this everything was cancelled.

The show was at Vinyl Envy and featured a great lineup including the ever-impressive Moka Only, OPYETI. Kutmaster Kurt and our good friend DJ Jerry were stuck due to weather and travel issues.

In total it was a great show, lots of energy and the crowd was super friendly and had a great vibe. The location seemed kinda small, yet when the show started, it felt more intimate and like a community of like minded people coming together to experience music in a meditative state.

Moka Only’s performance was spectacular. A true artist in the definition of the word. Check out the review on Moka Only “Feat. Drake” coming up next week. OP YETI is another artist to watch out for.

As for the interview(s). It’s not the first time this reporter has been kicked out of the Hotel Fairmont Empress but this is the first time it was not for drunken disorderly.

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